The Benefits

" You will be in a better shape and improve your productivity and your creativity ! "


The best position is always the next one. Our furniture has been conceived that you can have the possibility to stand up and to sit down as it’s important to change position all day long to stay active.

In movement front of your desk, your body is going to be stronger and your head will get more oxygen ! You will reinforced your abs just as your back, the Vous allez renforcer vos abdominaux ainsi que votre bas du dos, simulate the blood flow in your body, your shoulders, breath and allows your brain to be more efficient.

Joli Buro is a new proposition to fight the negative effects of the unique working position.

- Our body is made to move -

Like thousands of users, we’ve been confronted with the unique working position as well : sitting for hours in front of a computer. During our research on the subject, we discovered – stunned ! – that sitting for hours and hours is really bad for the health. As industrial designers it was unthinkable to not find a proper solution to this major issue.



Lot of research have now proven a link with many chronic illnesses and our increasingly sedentary lifestyles. The more you sit, the unhealthier it is for your body.

In average we are sitting 11h a day : at work, in the car, in front of the TV, … Even 1h of exercise does not compensate the negative effects of long hours of sitting.

Well, we didn’t tell you to stop exercice, just to move more often !


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